Order of Tyr – “Flames of Destiny” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

On their My Space profile, Memphis, Tennessee’s Order of Týr list among their influences power metal, electronic music and… video games. Their album cover has a definite video game vibe to it and throughout their second album “Flames of Destiny”; Order of Týr incorporates some video game-like sounds along with their metal. That said, it is certainly a unique approach to take musically and the end result is an adventurous sounding second release. After the 2-second (that’s right 2-second) opening intro, Order of Týr launches into the 8-minute “Angels of Majesty / To Yourself, Be True”. Order of Týr also incorporates movie soundtrack influences into their music; “Ignite the Desire” is a perfect example of this. The epic 18-minute “Onward, My Children, to the Brink of Destiny”, is a great song that changes direction so many times throughout the course of its 18-minutes and never gets boring. Other Highlights: “Identity”, “Odin Speaks”, “Fight On, Forever” and “Angels of Majesty”. It is difficult to simply sit back and describe the music on “Flames of Destiny”, it must be heard to get a feel of the overall sound that Order of Týr presents. Whether you like it or don’t, this is a bold second step from a band that shows off loads of promise. I am still a little unsure about what genre this band lies in, perhaps a new one, video game power metal? Whatever the case, Order of Týr do things their own way and that is to be commended.

Rating – 72/100



  1. Angels of Majesty / To Yourself, Be True
  2. Identity
  3. Odin Speaks
  4. Chasing After the Sunlight
  5. Ignite the Desire
  6. Control
  7. Dawn of Reckoning
  8. Fight On, Forever
  9. Lightning Strikes
  10. Onward, My Children, to the Brink of Destiny
  11. Angel of Majesty
  12. To Yourself, Be True 


Line Up

  • Donna Brown – Vocals
  • Jordan B. Sanders – Guitar, Keyboards & programming
  • Michael Klodzinski – Drums, Vocals & programming



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