Orestea – “Love Lines & Blood Ties” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From the U.K., Orestea already made a positive first impression on the 6-song EP “Shadows of Yesterday”, which was released last year. Now the band returns with their debut full-length, “Love Lines & Blood Ties”. “Love Lines…” features 12-songs and a playing time of 48-minutes and highlights Orestea’s melodic heavy rock style.After a symphonic sounding intro, Orestea launch into the high powered opener “The Bitter Side of Promises”. Immediately, the listener is smacked in the face with a barrage of heavy riffs and strong vocals from Lisa Avon. “Ruthless” is next and features a bit of a faster tempo; more great riffs and vocals are present here. The band really manage to kick things up a notch, when compared to their EP, a fact that is evidenced on “Your Own Mistake”, “Enough”, “Walls”, “Sick and Tired” and “Drag You Higher”. One thing that I really love about Orestea is their infectious melodies in combination with the heavy riffs, which is definitely the strongest aspect of this band. After a full album of heavy riffing and pounding rhythms, Orestea end the CD with a beautiful acoustic ballad titled “A Quiet Place”. This is a serene way to end things; the song features some passionate vocal work from Lisa Avon, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. On their debut EP, Orestea hinted at a world of possibilities and with “Love Lines & Blood Ties”, this U.K. Band seems destined to realize their potential.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Bitter Side of Promises
  2. Ruthless
  3. Your Own Mistake
  4. Enough
  5. Out Into the World
  6. Pass the Escape Ropes
  7. Interlude
  8. Walls
  9. Sick and Tired
  10. The Last in Line
  11. Drag You Higher
  12. A Quiet Place


Line Up

  • Lisa Avon – Vocals
  • Lloyd Wilson – Guitar
  • Luke Genders – Guitar
  • Mike Quinn – Bass
  • Will Crozier – Drums



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