Pathfinder – “Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time” (2010)


Label : Sonic Attack Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in 2006, Poland’s Pathfinder play Epic symphonic power metal with fantasy based lyrics and songs with intricate arrangements, in the vein of such established acts as Blind Guardian and Rhapsody of Fire. While not strictly a Femme Metal band, their debut album “Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time” features significant contributions from a number of talented guests including Polish Female opera singer Agata Lejba from the band Electric Chair. The Movie Soundtrack like score of the intro “Deep into That Darkness Peering” starts us off. I can see this kicking off their live shows as well, it just has a ‘wait what’s coming next’ feel to it. As the intro reaches its crescendo the band launches into “The Whisper of Ancient Rocks” and we are drawn into their fantastical epic world. This opening song is definitely a high tempo, “Keepers…” Helloween era style number and does a great job in setting the stage for what is to follow. The song slows down about half way through; this part kind of reminded me a little bit of Queen, before the track speeds up again. After a brief 1-minute piano interlude (“Vita Reducta: Through the Portal”), “Pathway to the Moon” is next. This song begins with some classical style piano before the band dives in with some more symphonic metal mayhem. The band also shows off their classical influences on this one and throughout the CD, and a huge choir dominated chorus is definitely the highlight of the song. Opera singer Agata Lejba makes an appearance on this track. Her inclusion definitely helps to give the songs some depth and character. Next is the excellent “All the Mornings of the World”, this song has a bit of a Kamelot vibe and once again the inclusion of Agata is well done. Other highlights include: “The Demon Awakens”, “The Lord of Wolves” and the 8-minute “Stardust”. The album is completed by the epic almost 11-minute title song. This song is a multi-textured gloriously tour de force of a song and a great way to end things. I liked the fact the that the usage of Agata plays an important role on “Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time” and she is not used on just one or two tracks. Some may find Pathfinder a little over-the-top, but who cares this is not for them anyway. There is no doubt that Pathfinder has their symphonic metal sound down pat and even though this is only a debut the songs have the feel of a veteran band. Pathfinder is obviously very sincere about their chosen musical path and that comes through loud and clear on “Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time”. If you are impressed with Agata you might want to check out her full-time gig Electric Chair.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Deep into That Darkness Peering…
  2. The Whisper of Ancient Rocks
  3. Vita Reducta: Through the Portal
  4. Pathway to the Moon
  5. All the Mornings of the World
  6. The Demon Awakens
  7. Undiscovered Dreams
  8. The Lord of Wolves
  9. Sons of Immortal Fire
  10. Stardust
  11. Dance of Flames
  12. To the Island of Immortal Fire
  13. Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
  14. What If…


Line Up

  • Simon Kostro – Vocals
  • Agata Lejba Migdalska – Female Vocals (Guest)
  • Arkadiusz E. Ruth – Bass
  • Gunsen – Guitar
  • Karol Mania – Guitar
  • Slavomir Belak – Keyboard
  • Kamil Ruth – Drums



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