Pitbull Terrorist – “C.I.A” (2009)


Label : Anstalt Records/Nuclear Blast Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Finland’s Pitbull Terrorist are a mysterious new entity to the Nuclear Blast roster of bands. They play a pretty intense mixture of thrash, death metal with elements of punk rock thrown in as they add some of their own social commentaries with their lyrics. The four members of the band appear dressed in black ski-masks and after reading their bio it is hard to separate fact from fiction, but you can have the greatest gimmick in the world, it still ultimately comes down to the quality of the music, and in this case the quality is very good, and after listening to their 18-track 25-minute (yes, 25-minutes) debut CD “C.I.A.” the quality is undeniable. Of the 18-tracks featured on “C.I.A.” (which is short for “Contraband International Audio”), the longest track “In Confidence” clocks in at just over 2-minutes long. The songs are short, sweet, direct and to-the-point. No fooling around here with long arrangements, this band are about as subtle as a rabid pit bull. The vocals of Ursula are quite aggression and belligerent and the songs are heavy and combative. Some of the highlights include: “No Resurrection”, “The Silencer”, “Cut Below the Waist”, “Let the Gods Do the Fighting”, “The Shit of The System” and “End of It All”. Overall, the band get the most out of the 25-minutes on this disc and the production is quite impressive as well. Pitbull Terrorist go straight for the jugular on each and every song and are not for the meek and mild. “C.I.A.” is a release that will not appeal to everyone, but there is a definite fan base out there for this kind of music. The music on “C.I.A.” is quite hostile and contentious, the perfect soundtrack for the disenfranchised.

Rating – 75/100



  1. No Resurrection
  2. The Silencer
  3. Ode for the Old
  4. Cut Below the Waist
  5. The Pig
  6. Economaniac
  7. Maus
  8. Dirt Bomb
  9. The Leak
  10. Agent Orange
  11. Necessary Evil
  12. Guerra
  13. You Did Try
  14. Let the Gods Do the Fighting
  15. Corpocrazy
  16. In Confidence
  17. The Shit of the System
  18. End of It All


Line Up

  • Ursula – Vocals
  • John Keu – Guitars and vocals
  • Jorma 22 – Bass
  • Herald Flinck – Drums



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