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Review by Tony Cannella

The operatic, symphonic metal band Pursuing the End were formed in May 2010 in Italy, and although the band has only been together for a little over a year they have managed to complete an EP titled “Dawn of Expiation”. 4-songs and 15-minutes are featured on their debut outing and as far as first efforts go, Pursuing the End has come up with some strong material. The triumphant opera dominated intro “Aeterna Fuga – Prologue” starts things off as this leads us into “Followers of the Wrong Way” which sees Caterina at her operatic best. Plenty of strong symphonic elements can be heard here. Caterina is also joined by some clean and extreme male vocals on this track. “Call the Priest” is next and starts off with a rocking, straight forward vibe as the male vocals start off on this track, before Caterina joins in. The title song, “Dawn of Expiation” brings the album to a strong conclusion and certainly ends things on a positive note. There is plenty of stellar performances all the way around that can be heard on “Dawn of Expiation”. Pursuing the End is an exciting and promising new voice in the world of Symphonic Metal.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Aeterna Fuga – Prologue
  2. Followers of the Wrong Way
  3. Call the Priest
  4. Dawn of Expiation


Line Up

  • Maria Caterina Bonfanti – Vocals
  • Giacomo Benemati – Vocals
  • Thomas Pipitone – Rhythm Guitar
  • Alex Vetri – Lead Guitar
  • Stefano Bottarelli – Keys & Piano, Backing Vocals & Orchestral Arrangements
  • G. Mortimer Sterlicchio – Bass Guitar
  • Alessio Massimo – Drums



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