PYG – “End of the World” (2011)


Label : Brennus Music/Muséa

Review by Tony Cannella

The band name PYG is actually short for Project: Yvan Guillevic, the founder of this project. The band hails from France are mostly considered progressive metal but I also hear some classic metal style influences present on their debut album “End of the World”. PYG has two lead vocalists, a female (Nelly Le Quilliec) and male (Morgan Marlet) and both receive equal opportunity to show off their talents. The opening track “Prisoners of the World” is a mid-tempo opener with a great classic metal style guitar riff and the two vocalists putting forth their best efforts to make this one of the very best songs on this 58-minute album. The band shifts effortlessly from Progressive Rock to Melodic Hard Rock to Classic Heavy Metal, which helps to make this an enjoyable debut. The second track “Mother Earth – Part 1 – From the Darkness” is a beautiful track that starts off with piano and then is joined by some Gary Moore style guitar work, before the vocals come in with Morgan taking the lead and Nelly offering background melody stuff. This is really a hauntingly beautiful track that leads us into “Mass Consumption – Part 1 – Television” and then “Mass Consumption – Part 2 – New Stuff”. The second part in particular really gained my attention thanks to the classic rock opening guitar riff and some cool interplay between the guitars and keyboards. Other highlights include: “Rain Dance”, “Time of Exodus” and “New Hope” which ends the CD on a note of optimism. Guitarist Yvan Guillevic is certainly an accomplished musician and with his new project PYG he has surrounded himself with a talented array of musicians who all do their part to make “End of the World” a creative success.

Rating – 76/100



  1. Prisoners of the World
  2. Mother Earth – Part I – From the Darkness
  3. Mass Consumption – Part 1 – Television
  4. Mass Consumption – Part 2 – New Stuff
  5. Siren Song
  6. My Greed
  7. Rain Dance
  8. Mother Earth – Part 2 – Don’t Cry
  9. End of the World
  10. Time of Exodus
  11. New Hope


Line Up

  • Nelly Le Quilliec – Vocals
  • Morgan Marlet – Vocals
  • Yvan Guillevic – Guitars
  • Jean-Noel Roze – Keyboards
  • Bernard Clemence – Bass
  • Julien Oukidja – Drums



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