Pythia – “Beneath the Veiled Embrace” (2009)

Label: Golden Axe Records

Review By Tony Cannella

From the UK comes Pythia. Their line up feature female vocalist Emily Alice Ovenden. And she is joined by Ross White (Guitar), Tim Neale (guitar), Marc Dyos (drums), Andy Nixon-Corefield (bass) and Richard Holland (keyboards). The music that can be heard on their newest release “Beneath the Veiled Embrace” is extremely melodic and very beautifully crafted progressive power metal with excellent musicianship. “Sweet Cantation” is the opening track and man it just tears through the speakers and delivers a shot of adrenalin that really kick starts this thing. “Sarah (Bury Her)” is next and is a definite highlight and a great choice of single. This is more of a mid-tempo track and is definitely a favorite. “Tristan” keeps things going on the right track. “Ride for Glory” is next and it really ups the heaviness factor. The song has a galloping like feel to it, that gives it a cool atmosphere. The vocals of Emily Alice Ovenden are perfect throughout the CD. She definitely has the talent to emerge as a force in the realm of female fronted metal in 2009 and beyond. “My Pale Prince” begins with a keyboard intro before a great, crunchy and heavy guitar riff joins in. Again Emily‘s vocals are quite strong and powerful on this one. The band’s use of keyboards are well done and they give the songs some good atmosphere and a progressive feel. “Eternal Darkness” is just a straight forward, powerful track and another favorite. Other highlights include: “What You Wish for”, “Army of the Damned” and “Oedipus”. “No Compromise” is a great way to close this CD and it really leaves the listener wanting more. Of the 10-songs that are included on “Beneath the Veiled Embrace” there is not one bad song in the bunch. With “Beneath the Veiled Embrace”, Pythia have issued a powerful, energetic, uncompromising, relentless and absolutely fantastic slice of metal.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Sweet Cantation
  2. Sarah (Bury Her)
  3. Tristan
  4. Ride for Glory
  5. My Pale Prince
  6. Eternal Darkness
  7. What You Wish for
  8. Oedipus
  9. Army of the Damned
  10. No Compromise


Line Up

  • Emily Alice Ovenden – Vocals
  • Ross White – Guitar
  • Tim Neale – Guitar
  • Richard Holland – Keyboards
  • Andy Nixon-Corefield – Bass
  • Marc Dyos – Drums



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