Quelonio – “Vicio y Virtud” (2009)


Label : Red Rivet Records

Review By Tony Cannella

The Spanish band Quelonio were originally founded way back in 1996. After numerous line-up changes that saw several members come-and-go, their current line-up was completed in 2008 when Teresa Broseta joined the band as their new vocalist. With the addition of their new vocalist Quelonio were allowed to put the finishing touches on their second full-length release (their first was released in 2002), titled “Vicio y Virtud”. The music that can be found on “Vicio y Virtud” is melodic power metal, with the strong female vocals of Teresa out front and some great melodic moments. Album opener “Dame Placer” simply blasts through the speakers. A great opener that showcases the great talent of this band. The first thing that you’ll notice about Quelonio is the fact that all of the lyrics are sung in Spanish. Great music is universal and Quelonio are living proof of this, as the songs are just so well crafted with a definite emphasis on heavy riffs and melody. “Ave Fenix” is another song that packed a lot of power into the almost 6-minute duration of this track. The title song has a definite classic power metal aura surrounding it and is another highlight – it kind of reminds me of “Keepers…” era Helloween. The whole thing is pretty consistent and there is really nothing that bogs down the flow of the CD, other songs that are proof of this fact are: “V”, “El Grito de la Realidad” and the epic “Cima de la Eternidad”. I really liked this CD. There is a lot of musical diversity contained on “Vicio y Virtud” and plenty of virtuosic moments as all of the musicians are very accomplished in their own way. The fact that all of the lyrics are in Spanish is in no way a hindrance to the overall enjoyment of the CD, it only enhances it and adds to the overall experience of this great CD.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Dame Placer
  2. Juego de Miradas
  3. Ave Fenix
  4. Vicio y Virtud
  5. V
  6. El Grito de la Realidad
  7. Por la Espalda
  8. Tu Fuego
  9. Buscando una Luz (Pt. II)
  10. Aqui Estoy
  11. Cima de la Eternidad
  12. Susurrando al Viento


Line Up 

  • Teresa Broseta – Vocals
  • Jose Ruiz – Guitars
  • Emilio Luque – Guitars
  • Toni Rosaleny – Bass
  • Juan Vazquez – Drums



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