Rainfall – “Lost in a Cold World” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Often times, progressive rock and metal bands are defined by the length of their songs and overindulgent epic numbers that last 8-10 minutes or longer. Well, the Italian band Rainfall feature some progressive elements, without the trappings of the overly long, drawn out songs. If they are not necessarily progressive in style, they most certainly are in spirit and attitude. This brings us to their debut demo, which goes by the title of “Lost in a Cold World”. In addition to the bands progressive leanings, they also add some good bits of power and symphonic metal to their repertoire.The opening track “Burning Rust” is a solid opener and a very good first impression. The vocals of front woman Francesca Messali are pretty solid. Her voice is basically a mid-level range and it suits the band quite nicely. Undoubtedly the bands progressive influences come from the keyboard work of Giorgio Mannucci who really shines on this first song, giving the band a prog/arena rock type of feel to it. “Ethereal” is next and another good one and probably my favorite of the three. The final song “Thorns” at over 5-minutes is the longest of the three songs featured here, and even if it is not epic in length, it has the feel of an epic number – which is highlighted by the guitar work of Emanuela Marino and Francesca also delivers her best vocal work on this one. Great way to close things. The whole thing clocks in at a tidy 14-minutes worth of music and it’s a good way to introduce the band to the metal public at large. There is a definite foundation here for a positive and progressive future.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Burning Rust
  2. Ethereal
  3. Thorns


Line Up 

  • Francesca Messali – Vocals
  • Emanuela Marino – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Giorgio Mannucci – Keyboard
  • Veronica Roselli – Bass
  • Paolo Benedetti – Drums & Backing Vocals


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