Ravenland – “…And a Crow Brings Me Back” (2009)


Label : Free Minds Records

Review By Tony Cannella

It is hard to believe that Brazil’s Ravenland have been in existence since 1997. Even though it has been 13-years since the band first got together, they are only now releasing their debut full-length. They have beforehand released a number of demos and EPs, but “…And A Crow Brings Me Back” is their second full-length effort. Ravenland features the duel male/female vocals of Dewindson Wolfheart and Camilla Raven. The male vocals of Mr. Wolfheart are very similar to Fernando Ribeiro of Portuguese Goth legends Moonspell and Camilla boasts a powerful and dramatic voice. The two vocalists are split pretty evenly throughout the album.  Musically and lyrically the songs on “…And A Crow Brings Me Back” paint a definite conceptual picture that certainly holds the listeners attention and makes for an interesting listen. The CD also includes a video of one of the best songs, “End of Light” is a pretty cool looking clip that was filmed in a castle and shows the band performing the song.  The songs also have a darkly romantic quality to them. “…And A Crow Brings Me Back” is a 15-song, 60-minute dark, Gothic journey of a full-length by Ravenland, that fans of Moonspell and old school Goth will surely love.

Rating – 76/100



  1. After the Sun Hides
  2. She Will Bleed Again
  3. Presage
  4. The Last Sunset
  5. The End of Light
  6. Velvet Dreams
  7. Burning for You
  8. Soulmoon
  9. Nas asas do Corvo
  10. The Crow
  11. Tragic Romance
  12. Till Death Unite Again
  13. Zodiac
  14. Regret
  15. Soulmoon (Bonus track)


Line Up

  • Camilla Raven – Female Vocals & Violin 
  • Dewindson Wolfheart – Male Vocals
  • Albanes Gonçalves – Guitars
  • João Cruz – Bass
  • Fernando Tropz – Drums



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