Ravenscry – “One Way Out” (2011)


Label : Wormhole Death Records/Dreamcell 11/Aural Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Ravenscry already made a great first impression in 2009 with the release of their debut 5-song EP. The band has now returned with their first full-length album “One Way Out”. Fans who were lucky enough to grab a copy of their initial EP will notice that all of those songs appear on “One Way Out” in re-recorded form. Ravenscry brings a modern metal sound with loads of melody throughout the 50-minute disc. The opening track “Calliope” comes out of the gates like a shot and is a great, adrenalized first tune. Giulia’s vocals are right up front and her style is instantly recognizable. “Elements Dance” begins with a slower tempo, before really speeding up settling into a nice groove. “Nobody” and “A Starless Night” keeps the momentum going. The “Redemption” trilogy is perhaps the albums center piece with “Rainy”, “Reflection” and “Far Away”. “Embrace”, “Journey” and “Back to Hell” are all huge highlights and help to maintain the consistency that Ravenscry delivers on “One Way Out”. If Ravenscry first EP was just an appetizer, than “One Way Out” is a full course meal. “One Way Out” is a good album that more than realizes the promise that their debut exhibited.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Calliope
  2. Elements Dance
  3. Nobody
  4. A Starless Night
  5. Redemption I: Rainy
  6. Redemption II: Reflection
  7. Redemption III: Far Away
  8. Embrace
  9. Journey
  10. Back to Hell
  11. This Funny Dangerous Game
  12. My Bitter Tale


Line Up

  • Giulia Stefani – Vocals
  • Paul Raimondi – Guitars
  • Mauro Paganelli – Guitars
  • Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli – Bass
  • Simon Carminati – Drums 



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