Ravenscry – “Ravenscry” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

From Milano, Italy comes Ravenscry. The band have just issued their independently released debut EP and it features 5-songs and 24-minutes worth of well played and written rock/metal with a definite melodic edge to the songs. The band is fronted by the vocals of Giulia Stefani. Having never heard Ravenscry before, I have to say that I was very enthusiastic after listening to their (all too short) debut effort. “Nobody” kicks things off and it begins with electronic sounds before the song really gets going. The vocals of Giulia are quite impressive, I’m not sure if you could label her an operatic singer, but her voice is very diversified and she has an excellent range and style. “Nobody” is a strong opener that is indicative of what to expect. The next song is “Calliope” and it opens with a heavier riff, but the style of the song is mid-tempo while still maintaining it’s heaviness. This is one my favorite tracks. The final three songs are divided up into three parts “Redemption I – Rainy” is part one of the trilogy. The track begins with pretty sounding piano as Giulia‘s voice comes in. This is a pretty good track that shows off a different side to the band and it is a strong ballad that has plenty of atmosphere to go along with it and Giulia’s vocals are sensitive on this one. That leads into the orchestral instrumental “Redemption II – Reflection” and the final number “Redemption III – Far Away” ends the CD on a grand epic scale. Ravenscry are another solid band to come out of Italy. The songs are well done and there is really nothing bad to say about this band other than the length (or lack thereof) of the CD, but still, any criticism would be simply nitpicking. If you like good music where talent and songs go hand-in-hand than give Ravenscry a chance. The CD is a solid debut that features some surprises (such as the orchestral instrumental) and the songs display a boldness and confidence that is rare for such a young band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Nobody
  2. Calliope
  3. Redemption I – Rainy
  4. Redemption II – Reflection
  5. Redemption III – Far Away


Line Up

  • Giulia Stefani – Vocals
  • Mauro Paganelli – Guitars & Programming
  • Paul Raimondi – Guitars & Programming
  • Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli – Bass & Programming
  • Simon Carminati – Drums



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