Raving Season – “The Brightness of My Disaster” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Yet another band from Italy. Raving Season plays a mix of death and doom metal and feature two female lead vocalists, each with two very distinctive styles. Judith is the clean voice (she also plays piano & synth) and Federica handles the more extreme vocals. Their debut EP goes by the happy-go-lucky title “The Brightness of My Disaster”. Even though the CD is technically considered an EP there is plenty of music that is featured on the release. The CD has a total run-time of 35-minutes and features 5-songs – 3 of which are up over 8-minutes long. Not bad for an EP. The shortest track the intro “My Darkest Season Part 1” is a 1 minute acoustic piece that leads us into the longest track on the CD, the 10-minute “Your Shadow in This Frozen Garden”. This is probably my favorite track on the CD. It is quite the journey and a very complex, huge and epic like number. It has so many changes, going from soft to heavy and back again. The vocals of Judith are operatic, while Federica handles the growls. A strong opener that really grabbed my attention. The next track “The Sterile Caress of Violence” is another good one. This track is just a straight out heavy assault. The vocals are once again split pretty evenly hear and they mesh quite well together and once again this is a complex track that goes off in different directions without warning and it really makes this an interesting listen. “Shield Cage” is next and continues on in the heavy tradition of the previous songs. The final track is the beautifully melancholic piano ballad “My Funeral”. A great way to bring this powerful disc to a conclusion. “The Brightness of My Disaster” is a must for fans who like their music down-tuned and above all else heavy. The songs are well written and even the long ones never failed to hold my attention. The clean voice in conjunction with the brutal vocals are well done by Judith and Federica. They are to be commended and Raving Season are definitely a band that comes highly recommended for fans of the doom metal genre. Awesome!

Rating – 90/100



  1. My Darkest Season Part 1 (My Sweet Remain of Animos)
  2. Your Shadow in This Frozen Garden
  3. The Sterile Caress of Violence
  4. Shield Cage
  5. My Funeral


Line Up

  • Judith – Clean Voice, Piano & Synth
  • Federica – Growls
  • Sergio – Guitar
  • Marco – Guitar
  • Valerio – Bass
  • Simone – Drums



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