Label : Sleazy Rider Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Re-Vision have been with us since 1993 and released its debut in 1997. Now, the band is back with their 4th full-length platter, “Chapter IV: …All for the Sake of Love”. The CD features production and guest vocals by Devon Graves from the band Dead Soul Tribe. The material highlighted on “Chapter IV…” is quite melodic hard rock/metal with a heavy groove that has an immediately infectious impact. Among the 14-songs, Re-Vision gives the fans a strong metallic record, with a bit of an alternative vibe present as well, but at its heart, “Chapter IV…” is a melodic, metal guitar-driven disc. The CD sets a solid pace from the outset with “Colours”, “Scream” and “Deconstructed”. “For the Sake of Love” is just a huge sounding number and an early favorite of mine. “Tomorrow May Come” has got a ferocious sounding guitar riff that really drives the song. In vocalist Anke Willnat, Re-Vision has a singer with a powerful voice that oozes character and emotion. Other highlights include: “Awake My Soul”, “While We Sleep” (a great ballad), “Chew ‘Em Through” and “Light on Me“. “Chapter IV…” comes to its conclusion with a stirring cover of the underrated Iron Maiden song, “Strange World” featuring just an awesome duet between Devon Graves and Anke Willnat. In addition to their duties in Re-Vision, the members of the band (minus vocalist Anke Willnat) have been supporting ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno as his backing band on tours throughout Europe, this is a solid choice by Mr. Di’Anno in my opinion. I have never been familiar with Re-Vision prior to hearing “Chapter IV…” and was shocked to hear how long they have been around but consider me impressed with what I have heard from this outstanding German band.

Rating – 93/100



  1. Colours
  2. Scream
  3. Deconstructed
  4. For The Sake of Love
  5. Tomorrow May Come
  6. Shapeless
  7. Awake My Soul
  8. While We Sleep
  9. Chew ‘Em Through
  10. Don’t Wake Me Up
  11. Tantalized
  12. Light on Me
  13. Deep Forever
  14. Strange World 


Line Up

  • Anke Willnat – Vocals
  • Daniel Duering – Guitar
  • Christoph Luecker – Bass
  • Dominik Nowitzki – Drums 




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