Reactive Black – “A New Dawn…” (2010)


Label : Echozone/Intergroove

Review by Tony Cannella

Reactive Black is a duo from Germany. They play dark, Gothic metal with electronic and industrial elements. In 2007 they released their well received debut “Upcoming Evil”. Now Reactive Black returns with “A New Dawn…”.” A New Dawn…” features 11-songs and 45-minutes worth of dark, atmospheric music. Vocalist Sassy Skeleton has an interesting style that is quite unique and adds great depth to the music supplied by multi-instrumentalist Rotten. Some highlights include: “It’s Time Again” (a cool opener), “Proud”, “Only in My Dreams”, “Taste of Paradise” and “Doom”. Probably the most interesting track – and my favorite – is “Fading Away”. The lyrics to the track are spoken by Sassy Skeleton set to the backdrop of dark, ethereal music. “A New Dawn…” also includes a video for the song “Doom” and two bonus MP3’s of the songs “Days of Decay” and “Evil Is” from their debut. All-in-all it’s a pretty cool collection of material that should please all connoisseurs of dark metal.

Rating – 73/100



  1. It’s Time Again
  2. Proud
  3. Only in My Dreams
  4. Darkened
  5. Thoughts
  6. Lost
  7. Taste of Paradise
  8. Feel the Fire
  9. We Don’t Die
  10. Fading Away
  11. Doom


Line Up

  • Sassy Skeleton – Vocals
  • Rotten – Programming, All Instruments 



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