Reasons Behind – “Overture” EP (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

So is it fair to say that Italy is the center of the female fronted symphonic metal universe? I think Spain, Russia and France might have something to say about that but the fact remains that there continues to be an influx of top-shelf talent coming from Italy and with their debut EP “Ouverture”, Reasons Behind are here to stake their claim. “Ouverture” is around 26-minutes worth of Nightwish inspired operatic metal. The songs feature heavy doses of orchestration at times like on the fantastic opener “The End of Our Chapter”. Lead vocalist Ely gives the band a super operatic presence. “My Last Act” is just a heavy straight-forward track that races to its conclusion. The final three songs “1000 Fading Lives”, “Choices” and “The Last Night of Illion” are not much of a departure from the opening two, but they are still pretty potent songs. “Ouverture” is a mighty fine debut in the realm of Symphonic Metal. Reasons Behind may not really offer anything new to the genre, but “Ouverture” has its moments of sheer virtuosity.

Rating – 77/100



  1. The End of Our Chapter
  2. My Last Act
  3. 1000 Fading Lives
  4. Choices
  5. The Last Night of Illion


Line Up

  • Elisa Bonafé – Vocals
  • Gabriele Sapori – Guitars
  • Dario Trentini – Keyboards & Piano 
  • Massimiliano Tebaldi – Bass
  • Francesco Aloisi – Drums 



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