Remembrance – “Fall, Obsidian Night” (2010)


Label : Firedoom Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, Remembrance play funeral death/doom metal and have previously released two full-length albums. Their third and latest is called, “Fall, Obsidian Night” and it is their first one to feature new drummer Norman Muller. “Fall, Obsidian Night” also features some of the heaviest and doom-filled riffs I have heard in recent memory – well, since their last one, “Silencing the Moments…”. Remembrance features two vocalists, Carline Van Roos is the female singer, her vocals are clean sounding and sometimes operatic. The male grunt vocals are performed by Mathieu Sachs and this is what you hear on the majority of the CD.There are only 7-songs on, “Fall, Obsidian Night” but the album clocks-in at 51-minutes worth of high calibre Doom metal, with the majority of songs being in the 7-9 minute range, the only exception being the almost 5-minute (mostly) instrumental track, “Our Memories Are Made of Stones”. Album opener, “Ageless Fever” begins with eerie keyboard music as the tune kicks in. The guttural, grunt style of Mathieu are on display for most of the track as the angelic female vocals of Carline adds a bit of a contrast to the song. Remembrance gets even slower and doomier on the next track, “Stone Mirrors”. The heaviness just keeps on coming with, “The Omen”, “Ice-Cold Conscience” and album closer, “Obsidian”. The overall vibe on, “Fall, Obsidian Night” is dark, bleak and foreboding with a wall of sound that is just massive. If you like slow, deliberate and heavy riffing, then Remembrance are the band for you. With, “Fall, Obsidian Night” Remembrance have released a solid and worthy follow-up to “Silencing the Moments…” that fans of that album should love.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Ageless Fever
  2. Stone Mirrors
  3. The Omen
  4. Our Memories Are Made of Stones
  5. Ice-Cold Conscience
  6. Winter Tides
  7. Obsidian

Line Up

  • Carline Van Roos – Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
  • Mathieu Sachs – Guitars, Vocals
  • Norman Muller – Drums



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