Repsel – “The Double Mask of Human Kind” (2011)


Label : Nomadism Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Repsel formed in 2003 and have just issued their full-length debut, “The Double Mask of Human Kind”. The band plays good Power Metal with Progressive Metal overtones throughout the course of the 10-song, 48-minute debut.The plodding, heavy, Black Sabbath style guitar riff heralds the opening of “Fairies of Dreams”. Basically, this opener is a pretty good indicator of what to expect on “The Double Mask of Human Kind”. Vocalist Marta Iacoponi does a solid job throughout the album, and also adds her talent on violin. “Please, Don’t Throw the Dice” is next and speeds up the tempo a little bit and is led by a simply crushing guitar riff. “No Hope”, “Guantanamo Bay”, “Frontier” and “The Silence of Angels” are other strong moments. My favorite track was the beautiful ballad “The Constant Fear of Losing You”. “The Double Mask of Human Kind” is music that is competently played and written, and while there is nothing that really leaps out at you upon first listen, Repsel has still created a pretty solid debut and one that should indeed bode well as this Italian bands moves on in the future.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Fairies of Dreams
  2. Please, Don’t Throw the Dice
  3. No Hope
  4. Guantanamo Bay
  5. The 6th of August 1945
  6. The Constant Fear of Losing You
  7. Frontier
  8. The Silence of Angels
  9. The Doubt
  10. War Machines


Line Up

  • Marta Iacoponi – Vocals & Violin
  • Paolo Dossi – Drums
  • Giorgio Napoleone – Guitar
  • Lorenzo Cantarini – Guitar
  • Emilio Zucchetti – Bass


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