Review Gig : Belladonna @ The Garage, London, UK 26/11/2009





Review by Marcy Bell – Photo by Amarildo

Belladonna are back in the UK after their previous exhibitions in London as headliner at Erotica 2007 and at The Fly in 2008. Their Rock Noir takes them to the intimate venue of Upstairs at The Garage in London supported by Birdeatsbaby and Maleficent. There’s a kind of curiosity to watch live the five guys from the romantic Rome. The gig starts with Dani’s guitar intro and the opening honour goes to “Alchemical Romance”, also the first track on “The Noir Album”, Belladonna‘s new work. Luana is leading the stage perfectly with her uniform and the typical red roses on her microphone. The “Pyromantic, mysterotique, visionoir” tale of Belladonna is acclaimed by the crowd, a mixed of Italian, British and European fans and friends, the well-know Belladonna Family. The power of Belladonna music is already high with Dani outstanding riffs on guitar, Alex heaviness on drums, Tam authority on bass, Alice sweetness on piano and Luana seductive voice and manners. It’s time for William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” that introduces “Love Me Till I Die” anPhotobucketand the dream goes on with “Beyond the Realms Reason”. Luana takes her hat off and shows all her sensuality ‘cause “Lust Never Sleeps” arouses the crowd. The beat is faster and the audience enjoys the show. The intimate moment with “My Golden Dawn” is a private affair between Luana and Alice, a duo that leave the crowd breathless and with shivers on their spines. Then Belladonna are back heavy with “Till Death Do Us a Part”, the first single out in the UK, also played by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden singer) in his radio show.The stage is still hot and Luana drop her jacket ‘cause t’s time for four songs drawn from “Metaphysical Attraction”, Belladonna debut album. The first one entered in the Grammy Award Ballot in 2008 and it’s “Foreverland”. Luana dedicates the song to a special guest in the audience: Mr Michal Nyman, a true inspiration for the whole band. Then “Mystical Elysian Love”, “Resurrect My Soul” and the peak raises the top with “Black Swan”, the other Grammy nominated song. Belladonna leave the scene with the dreamily “Phoenix Rising”, a potential hit single contained in “The Noir Album”. The audience would like an encore and the band is back on stage with “Password to Heaven” that really closes the overwhelming Londoner gig. A special mention to the down to Hearth behaviour of the five guys form Rome that after the show enjoyed their time with fans and friends signing autographs and shooting pictures with them.


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