Rhevan – “Drunk with the Blood of Saints” SINGLE (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

After the impressive introduction of their full-length debut, “Perpetually”, it was with great anticipation and enthusiasm that I dove into the new single from Brazil’s Rhevan. While it is not a 2nd full-length, still “Drunk With the Blood of Saints” is a fine continuation of what Rhevan began on their debut, and a release that should tide us over until they release full-length number two. The opening title song shows us that the band has not lost any of their talent for writing a good song, and the beautiful vocals of Dani Navarro are indeed intact as she is joined by Thiago’s extreme style. Next up is a cover of one of my all time favorite Judas Priest songs. It is a surprisingly faithful version of “Desert Plains” and one of the better covers I’ve heard in a while. Next, we reach back to their aforementioned debut with a cool acoustic version of “Bravery, Honor and Glory” and then a live version of “Thompson’s Lullaby”, before the orchestral version of “Drunk With the Blood of Saints” brings the EP to a conclusion after 25-minutes. Rhevan continues to impress me with their brand of Symphonic Metal and “Drunk With the Blood of Saints” is a fine and worthy addition to the bands repertoire.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Drunk With the Blood of Saints
  2. Desert Plains
  3. Bravery, Honor and Glory (Acoustic)
  4. Thompson’s Lullaby (Live)
  5. Drunk With the Blood of Saints (Orchestral)


Line Up

  • Dani Navarro – Vocals
  • Thiago Azevedo – Guitar & Vocals
  • Gleydson Keyler – Guitar
  • Aldo Carmine – Bass
  • Matheus Mattos – Drums



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