Rhevan – “Perpetually” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Brazil’s Rhevan released their full-length debut, “Perpetually” in 2009, and it was a fine introduction to the bands brand of symphonically inclined Gothic metal. The eerie symphony laced intro “In the Depths of Delusion” builds to a crescendo and leads us into “Mourning Tears”. Rhevan highlights their beauty and the beast vocal styles as guitarist Thiago Azavedo’s extreme vocals open this track, but are quickly joined by the operatic vocals of Dani Navarro. This track also boasts a great guitar solo and a simply infectious guitar riff. “Fortune and a Name” picks right up where the previous track left off, and keeps the momentum going. Musically, I hear some similarities to Tarja-era Nightwish, thanks mostly to the big, epic; sweeping arrangements and the symphonic elements, and Dani Navarro’s voice is simply stunning throughout the whole CD. The haunting “Deep Waters” is next and starts off with a piano opening before evolving into a mid-tempo number. This is one of my favorite tracks and gets my vote for a single/video if the band decides to release one. There are many other highlights throughout the 51-minute disc, some of the most notable are: “Empty Soul”, “Frontline” and “Thompson’s Lullaby”. With “Perpetually”, Rhevan has released a debut that is very well done and it is hard to believe that this was only their debut. I’m sure we can expect great things in the future from Rhevan. I have always said that one of my favorite things about reviewing CDs is being exposed to such great music that otherwise I may not get a chance to hear, Rhevan is one such band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. In the Depths of Delusion
  2. Mourning Tears
  3. Fortune and a Name
  4. Deep Waters
  5. Empty Soul
  6. Castle of Glass
  7. Frontline
  8. Bravery, Honor and Glory
  9. Arkhadia
  10. You Said Me
  11. Thompson’s Lullaby


Line Up

  • Dani Navarro – Vocals
  • Thiago Azevedo – Guitar, Vocals
  • Gleydson Keyler – Guitar
  • Aldo Carmine – Bass
  • Matheus Mattos – Drums


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