Rott – “Out of Time” (2008)


Label: Renaissance Records

Review by Tony Cannella

I am not too familiar with many bands that come from the state of Idaho – none actually. That is until now. The band Rott hail from Spirit Lake, Idaho as a matter of fact. The music of Rott – for me – is hard to classify. They have been described as a mix of metal, rock and gothic but maybe it should be up to the listener to decide for themselves about in which genre Rott’s music lies. The band line-up includes: Molly Sirenne (Vocals), Dan Profitt (Guitars), Carrie McNutt (Piano & keyboards), Aaron Birdsall (Bass) and Michael McGill (Drums). They have just released their debut album “Out of Time”. “Look Around” gets things started off with a nice piano intro as the vocals of Molly come in. This song starts off slow, before gaining some speed and heaviness around the first chorus. This is a moody number that one wouldn’t think off as a typical opener but it does a great job in setting the scene for what is to follow. Next up is “Afterlife”. Another solid track that really keeps the tempo going in the right direction. This features a great riff by Dan Profitt and more stellar vocal work. With the third track “Mysteries (Angels)”, things really take off. I would have to say that this is my favorite song on this CD. It starts off slow with Molly‘s vocals coming in with a whisper, before she is joined by a heavy, doomy sounding riff. The next track “Eternal” is another solid number with some excellent lyrics. It starts off with another nice piano passage and evolves into a dreamy number before a monstrous guitar riff comes in. At almost 7 minutes long, this is the longest song and there are some great changes here as it goes from soft to heavy and back again. This song has quickly become another favorite of mine. Next up is “Clearly Blind” which is just 3 minutes of heaviness with a wicked melody. “Brightest Star” is more of a mid-tempo track that is a bit of a change of pace but keeps things going smoothly. “Crying Inside” starts off softly, before the silence is smashed with another crushingly heavy riff. Other highlights include: “Tortured Souls”, “Drowning”, “Just Like You” and the title song “Out of Time”, which ends things nicely. The vocals of Molly Sirenne are as unique as they are haunting and beautiful. Her voice is the perfect compliment to the ethereal soundscapes the music creates. Rott are a band that have plenty to offer. “Out of Time” features 11-songs and 46-minutes worth of good songs, excellent songwriting and top notch performances. The overall package is quite impressive and well done. Rott are a band that can go a long way. The music on Out Of Time speaks volumes about Rott‘s potential. Whether or not they put Idaho on the metal map remains to be seen, but I do know that Rott appear poised to carve their own niche in the metal world and judging by the music eminating from this CD, they are off to a good start.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Look Around
  2. Afterlife
  3. Mysteries (Angels)
  4. Eternal
  5. Pussy Workship
  6. Clearly Blind
  7. Brightest Star
  8. Crying Inside
  9. Drowning
  10. Just Like You
  11. Out of Time


Line Up

  • Molly Sirenne – Vocals
  • Dan Profitt – Guitar
  • Carrie McNutt- Keyboards, Piano
  • Aaron Birdsall – Bass 
  • Micheal McGill – Drums  



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