Saint to Sinner – “The Unveiling” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Saint to Sinner are a young melodic metal band from Rhode Island. Their independently released debut is titled, “The Unveiling”. It is an impressive mix of moods and tempos that help to make, “The Unveiling” an enjoyable listen. The album is also dominated by some crunchy guitar riffs, courtesy of Rich Bova.“The Unveiling”, features 5-songs worth of heavy music with some serious modern sounding, heavy riffs. Desiree Villegas is the lead singer and her style comes across very strong and full of attitude and swagger. “The Unveiling” comes on hard and fast from the opening tune, “Fallen Generation”. This is really an excellent way to begin things, the riff is crunchy and Rich Bova adds some male vocals which can be heard on other parts of the CD. “Careless”, slows things down a bit and evolves into an atmospheric 6-minute track, the song changes tempo several times and Desiree turns in her best vocal performance on the CD, in my opinion. “Anti-Corporate” and “Vindictive” are just full of anger and energy.The 1-minute outro, “Tampere” brings the CD to a close – this instrumental piece reminds me a bit of Metallica from the “Master of Puppets” era. All-in-all, “The Unveiling” is a pretty intense 21-minutes. Saint to Sinner have a lot going for them, cool songs, great presentation and an undeniable attitude and raw power that comes through loud and clear.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Fallen Generation
  2. Careless
  3. Anti-Corporate
  4. Vindictive
  5. Tampere


Line Up

  • Desiree Villegas – Lead Vocals
  • Rich Bova – Lead, Rhythm Guitars & Vocals
  • Dave Vogel – Bass
  • Nick Tolias – Drums



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