Samandriel – “Awakening” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada comes Symphonic Metal Band Samandriel. This group of Canadians has just issued their independently released debut EP, titled “Awakening”. Samandriel is fronted by the operatic lead vocals of Doneka Reid and “Awakening” is sure to please fans who hungry for melodic and symphonic music with strong arrangements and a great melodic atmosphere. From the very outset of “Awakening”, Samandriel wastes little time in introducing themselves to the metal populace. “Holy Load” is a strong opener that immediately showcases the fine talents of vocalist Doneka Reid and the stellar musicianship of the band. One of the things that I really liked about “Awakening” is that Samandriel shifts effortlessly between the symphonic to progressively influenced music. Bassist Ryan Hopper provides some grunt vocals but they are well done and they don’t overwhelm anything. “Awakening” is a pretty consistent release, as the songs “Trial by Terror”, “Initial Reality”, “The Mighty Seabeast” and “Demise of the Icewitch” will attest to. The closing track “Harmonious Madness” is hands down my favorite and a great way to bring this debut to its conclusion. Throughout the 27-minutes contained on “Awakening”, Samandriel offers the listener a great first impression and if this is what to expect in the future, than the prospect looks bright for this ultra-talented Canadian band.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Holy Load
  2. Trial by Terror
  3. Initial Reality
  4. The Mighty Seabeast
  5. Demise of the Icewitch
  6. Harmonious Madness


Line Up

  • Doneka Reid – Vocals
  • Oskar Jankovic – Guitars
  • Jeff Black – Keyboards
  • Ryan Hopper – Bass, Growls
  • Jeff Church – Drums



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