Sanity Falls – “Imorh” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Sanity Falls are a female fronted band based in Leeds, UK. They play a style of music based around driving rhythm’s, heavy guitar riffs and the diverse vocal style of Jinny Hayman. Having already heard – and liked – their first demo, I was quite interested to hear what the band would come up with next. Well, Sanity Falls have indeed returned with their new demo, titled “Imorh”, and for fans who enjoyed the hard, crashing sounds of their previous work, you should love this. The opening track “Burning Trees” kicks things off and it is a really great opener that has all the ingredients of what to expect. This song opens with a great, heavy guitar riff and then the vocals of Jinny Hayman comes crashing through, this song is my favorite on “Imorh”. Among the three songs, there is no let up here. All of the songs contain a cool heavy element and there are no moments that bring down the momentum of this juggernaut of a CD. “To the Nameless” ups the ante with it’s hard and fast opening riff and the crashing drums played by Serge. The last of the three songs is the excellent “Persecution Complex”. A great way to end things. “Imorh” is another positive step for Sanity Falls. I really can’t think of a current band that I would compare their sound to. The songs have a modern element to them, while still being melodic, heavy and guitar and vocal driven. My only complaint? The whole thing lasts for only 15-minutes. It’s only a minor complaint, mind you, but I wouldn’t mind hearing a full-length from this exciting band.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Burning Trees
  2. To the Nameless
  3. Persecution Complex


Line Up

  • Jinny – Vocals
  • Pete – Guitars
  • Wayne – Bass 
  • Serge – Drums  



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