Sanity Falls – “Sanguis Cordi Suffusus” DEMO (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Sanity Falls is the name of this powerhouse quartet from Leeds, England. The current band line up looks like this: Jinny (Vocals), Pete (Guitar), Wayne (Bass) and Serge (Drums). They have issued their 5-song demo and it serves as a strong and memorable introduction to this band. The opening track “Stitches” blasts through the speakers with a truly monstrously heavy riff that remains throughout the course of this great song.The vocals of Jinny are powerful whilst maintaining an emotional quality.This truly is a strong opener and a great introduction that captivates the listener immediately – what a great way to begin these proceedings. Next up is “Katharsys”. This is a slower number than first track, yet just as heavy. This song features another great riff by Pete. The main riff chugs along and builds. Jinny‘s vocals have a dream-like quality here, yet she certainly spits out the lyrics with conviction.This song keeps things going in the right direction. Next up is “Repair What You Break”. Aside from the awesome title (you gotta love it), this song would have to be considered one of the highlights on display here. They follow that up with the 7 minute track “Reflections of Lost Souls in Dark Waters”. Another strong number that starts of with a slow, atmospheric intro as Jinny‘s haunting vocals come in. This song is a nice change of pace that really shows the maturity level of Sanity Falls. It really is a hauntingly beautiful song and really holds the listeners attention for the full 7-minutes. This song is not strictly a ballad as it does have its heavy moments as well. In fact, the song really gets heavy at about the 4 1/2 minute mark. The final song “Jack” really ends things on a heavy note. This is arguably the heaviest track here but it really does wrap things up nicely. When all is said and done the 5 songs contained here highlights the bands strength and gives the fans a taste of what we can expect in the future. Sanity Falls does an excellent job in displaying diversity and precision in 5 songs that are presented here. This is truly a strong demo that is filled with excellent music and fierce musicianship.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Stitches
  2. Katharsis
  3. Repair What You Break
  4. Reflections of Lost Souls in Dark Waters
  5. Jack


Line Up

  • Jinny – Vocals
  • Pete – Guitars
  • Wayne – Bass 
  • Serge – Drums  



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