Sarah Jezebel Deva – “A Sign of Sublime” (2010)


Label : Rising Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Sarah Jezebel Deva is perhaps best known for her role as a back-up singer in Cradle of Filth and also guesting on various other projects. She also fronts the excellent band Angtoria (do they even still exist?), and now she has returned with her debut solo release titled “A Sign of Sublime”.” A Sign of Sublime” features 9-songs and almost 40-minutes worth of varied and diversified musical directions with Sarah Jezebel Deva being out front-and-centre. The orchestral and piano-driven intro track warms us up for the title song “A Sign Of Sublime”. A pretty good opener that sets the atmosphere for what is to follow. It is with the second song, however “She Stands Like Stone” that really gets things rolling. The next track is another highlight, “The Devil’s Opera” is pretty much different from the other music on this CD, with it’s opera and classical style. Other highlights include: “They Called Her Lady Tyranny”, “The Road To Nowhere” and “Your Woeful Chair“. The final track “Daddy’s Not Coming Home” is living proof that a ballad can be as powerful as the most headbanging metal anthem and this is definitely one of my favorite tracks and Sarah really delivers a heart-felt vocal performance that is among her best on the CD. It really brings this CD to a close on a strong note. Make no mistake about it, Sarah Jezebel Deva is one heck of a singer and “A Sign Of Sublime” is one heck of an album.“A Sign Of Sublime” is a strong musical statement for the very talented Sarah Jezebel Deva to make. Sarah Jezebel Deva explores different aspects of the metal spectrum on this CD, ranging from classical to symphonic to opera and just pure power metal, making it an enjoyable and challenging CD to listen to and a great edition to her ever expanding musical resume. Now, how about another Angtoria album?

Rating – 86/100



  1. Genesis (Intro)
  2. A Sign of Sublime
  3. She Stands Like Stone
  4. The Devils Opera
  5. They Called Her Lady Tyranny
  6. The Road to Nowhere
  7. Your Woeful Chair
  8. A Newborn Failure
  9. Daddy’s Not Coming Home


Line Up 

  • Sarah Jezebel Deva – Vocals
  • Ken Newman – Guitar (studio member)
  • Martin C. Powell – Keyboards (studio member)
  • Dave Pybus – Bass (studio member)
  • Max Blunos  – Drums (studio member)



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