Sarah Jezebel Deva – “The Corruption of Mercy” (2011)


Label : Listenable Records

Review by Tony Cannella

England’s Sarah Jezebel Deva is a true veteran in the world of metal. Her journey started in the 90s as the female vocalist for Black Metallers Cradle of Filth and saw her participate in various other projects. Now, her journey continues with the release of her second solo album “The Corruption of Mercy”. After a brief symphonic intro, the opening song “No Paragon of Virtue” blasts through the speakers with breakneck like intensity. The duo of “The World Won’t Hold Your Hand” and “A Matter of Convenience” are next and there is simply no letting up. The hauntingly orchestral next track, “Silence Please” is a bit of a change of pace and quickly became a huge highlight. One thing that is apparent to full effect is the fact that Sarah Jezebel Deva is one excellent vocalist. The grindingly powerful “Zombie” is next and another highlight. The pretty piano ballad “Pretty With Effects” follows. Some other highlights that can be found on this 43-minute disc are: “Sirens”, “The Eyes That Lie” and “The Corruption of Mercy”. That’s pretty much the whole album. Sarah Jezebel Deva is sure to give each song its own feel, which helps to give “The Corruption of Mercy” a diverse vibe. I really liked her first solo album, “A Sign of Sublime” but I love “The Corruption of Mercy”. This is SJD firing on all cylinders, her voice sounds great, the writing is superb and the band is excellent. All the way around, “The Corruption of Mercy” is a satisfying sophomore effort from this underrated talent.

Rating – 95/100



  1. No Paragon of Virtue
  2. The World Won’t Hold Your Hand
  3. A Matter of Convenience
  4. Silence Please
  5. Zombie
  6. Pretty With Effects
  7. What Lies Before You
  8. Sirens
  9. The Eyes That Lie
  10. The Corruption of Mercy


Line Up

  • Sarah Jezebel Deva – Vocals
  • Dan Abela – Guitar
  • Jonny Gray – Guitar
  • Ablaz – Bass
  • Jamie Abela – Drums



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