Sariola – “Deathfrozen Silence” DEMO (2009)


Label : Padlo Records

Review By Tony Cannella

From Germany, Sariola plays Gothic Black Metal with the operatic vocals of Loreley. Their new 4-song demo “Deathfrozen Silence” is out now. The bombastic “Selene in Seven Mirrors” gets things started and it is quite a complex opener. The song utilizes different tempos and manages to incorporate a classical music influence to go along with heavy black metal vibe that the track has going for it. The uncompromising title track is next and this is just a pure all out assault of the senses. The next track is the 7 ½ minute “Crystal Fracture”. Stylistically, this goes in the exact opposite direction as the previous song. This is more of a mid-tempo, melodic number that boasts tons of atmospheres and at times even a spooky vibe. “The Weaver of Storms” concludes “Deathfrozen Silence” with a bang. The vocals of Loreley may be a bit over-the-top for some and others will no doubt be impressed by her range. Whatever the case, “Deathfrozen Silence” is an album that probably won’t appeal to everyone but fans who are hungry for some good female fronted Black Metal should give Sariola a listen. 

Rating – 72/100



  1. Selene In Seven Mirrors
  2. Deathfrozen Silence
  3. Crystal Fracture
  4. The Weaver of Storms 


Line Up

  • Loreley – Vocals
  • E. Konny – Guitars
  • Morgan Le Faye – Keyboards
  • Anagnorisis – Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Drums
  • AblaZ– Bass
  • Farrokh – Drums 



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