Scythia – “…of War” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Okay, so here is another Folk-Metal band.This band, Scythia hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and makes no mistake about it; they play Epic Folk-Metal.The main lead vocalist Dave Kahn (I believe) but they could use several different singers since there are a couple of different styles at play here – some better than others. Some Female vocals are used as more background or harmony vocals. Musically, Scythia is Folk-Metal and they don’t stray too far from that path. The best track on display here is the 7-minute “Red Wizard”. This is just a cool epic type number that features a lot of tempo changes. Another favorite is the orchestral instrumental piece “Elegy”. Other highlights include: “Fierce Riders of Scythia”, “The Black Death” and “Dies Irae Pt.1”. Folk-Metal is a sometimes polarizing metal genre and I don’t see Scythia really appealing to fans outside of said genre. Still, “…Of War” features plenty of strong material that will please the many in the Folk-Metal crowd.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Caspian Rhapsody
  2. Fierce Riders of Scythia
  3. The Black Death
  4. Red Wizard
  5. Elegy
  6. Adamantium
  7. Dies Irae Pt. 1
  8. Warrior’s Anthem
  9. Epilogue 


Line Up

  • Dave Kahn – Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Scott F. Thompson – Keyboards
  • Morgan Zentner – Oboe
  • Terry Savage – Bass
  • Nik Golar – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
  • Scott F. Thompson – Keyboards
  • Celine Derval – Drums & Vocals 



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