Semblant – “Last Night of Mortality” (2010)


Label : Freemind Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Brazil, comes the Gothic Metal force known as Semblant. Their debut album is called “Last Night of Mortality” and for fans who like dark and foreboding music set in a world of Nightmares and Horror imagery, than this band is for you. The eeriness of the intro “Last Night of Mortality” gets us started and is the perfect way to begin things. After the opening intro Semblant follows with the heavy riffing and atmospheric keyboard laden track “Nightmare World”. The two main vocalists are Mizuho Lin and Sergio Mazul. They add their contrasting styles to the mix, Mizuho’s style is angelic and sweet and Sergio adds a variety of styles, from brutal to screaming to a clean Goth style voice. Next, we get “Black Babylon” and the use of keyboards on this song and throughout the whole 46-minute album is to a definite high point. Again, there is some cool give and take going on between the two vocalists and guitarist Everson Choma chimes in with a cool solo. “Evilbringer” is next and it begins with a nice vocal intro from Mizuho and Sergio before the band rips into the track and this easily became a huge favorite of mine.  Semblant also displays a bit of melody to go along with the mayhem that is being performed. Other highlights include: “Sleepless”, “Legacy of Blood”, “The Neptune Effect” and the album closer “End of Dusk”. Amidst the heaviness and chaotic nature of “Last Night of Mortality” there is also something very beautiful and likable about Semblant. Without a doubt, Semblant will not appeal to everyone but the level of musicianship displayed on “Last Night of Mortality” is quite impressive.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Last Night of Mortality
  2. Nightmare World
  3. Black Babylon
  4. Evilbringer
  5. Forever Failure
  6. Sleepless
  7. Legacy of Blood
  8. The Neptune Effect
  9. Deep In Dark Waters
  10. End of Dusk


Line Up

  • Mizuho Lin – Female Vocals
  • Sergio Mazul – Male Vocals
  • Everson Choma – Guitars
  • J. Augusto – Keyboards
  • Leonardo Rivabem – Bass
  • Phell Voltollini – Drums



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