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Review by Tony Cannella

From Helsinki, Finland, Shear plays melodic Power Metal.Their debut EP goes by the title of “In Solitude” and features 4-songs and 20-minutes worth of quality music. “In Solitude” starts with the energetic title track. Heavy, chunky guitar riffs highlights this song and the instantly likeable vocals of Alexa Leroux are also on display here. “Scorched” is next and is more of a mid-tempo number but is highlighted by a great chorus and some more solid riffing and a cool solo as well.The final two tracks “Trapped in a Shell” and “Mistakes” brings “In Solitude” to a satisfying conclusion. Not a bad way to end things and it just accentuates the fact that “In Solitude” manages to be consistent throughout. Shear is another solid metal band to emerge from Finland. The songs are just straight-forward, powerful and addictive. The band certainly makes the most of the 20-minute playing time on “In Solitude”.

Rating – 87/100



  1. In Solitude
  2. Scorched
  3. Trapped in a Shell
  4. Mistakes 


Line Up

  • Alexa Leroux – Vocals
  • Mikael Grönroos – Guitars
  • Lauri Koskenniemi – Guitars
  • Eerik Purdon – Bass
  • Lari Sorvo – Keyboards
  • Juhana Karlsson – Drums 



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