Shield of Wings – “Solarium” EP (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

On their debut EP “Solarium”, Chicago, Illinois’s Shield of Wings offer up a satisfying cocktail of Symphonic Metal that is sure to please fans of the genre, not to say that Shield of Wings should be lumped into one style of music. There is plenty here that can – and should – appeal to fans of other areas of the metal hierarchy as well. “Essence and the Moon” is a frenzied opener and one the heavier, more chaotic tracks to be featured here. Female vocalist Grace Meridan has a vocal style that soars along with the music. She is joined at certain points throughout the CD by the extreme vocals of James Gregor, giving the band a kind of similarity to another great band Epica, that is the closest comparison I can think of, but it is also obvious that Shield of Wings are well on their way to developing their own identity. The next track, “Solarium” is an energetic, galloping track that keeps the momentum on the rise. Next is the almost 7-minute “War and Rapture”. That is followed by the Celtic influence of “Malady”. The just over 1-minute “Threshold” serves as a bridge to the final song “Carnival Mirror”. Throughout the 6-songs and 26-minutes worth of material provided on “Solarium”, Shield of Wings really has released a piece of work that should separate them from the crowded symphonic metal field.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Essence and the Moon
  2. Solarium
  3. War and Rapture
  4. Malady
  5. Threshold
  6. Carnival Mirror


Line Up

  • Grace Meridan – Vocals
  • James Gregor – Guitar & Vocals
  • Jeff Olsem – Bass
  • Pat Eulitz – Drums



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