Sideris Noctem – “Wait Till the Time Is R.I.P” (2010)


Label : BadMood Bad Music/Solitude Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

From Ukraine comes the Doom Metal band Sideris Noctem. Having already released a demo, Sideris Noctem has just issued their debut album “Wait Till the Time Is R.I.P.”. What you get here is 50-minutes worth of somber and melancholic Doom Metal. The mournful intro “First Day” starts the CD. It is a beautiful sounding intro that leads into the heavy, doom riffs of “Wait Till the Time Is R.I.P.”. Right away the listener is treated to some fairly technical doom metal and the brutal vocals of Pavel definitely take center stage here.I really like the way the male vocals are done here, as you can understand almost every word he sings. The two vocalists work as a cohesive unit with female vocalist Anna providing a clean, diverse vocal style throughout the CD. Some clean male vocals are presented throughout the CD. “Binary” became my favorite track, as the pace is slowed just a little bit on this and the band present more dark, somber doom. Other highlights include: “Behind the Mirror of the Winters Fall”, “Moonlight Snakes” and a cover of the Katatonia song “Without God”. The outro “Last Day” brings this nearly an hour’s worth of doom to a close. Sideris Noctem has created an albums worth of worthwhile Doom that fans of the genre should come to appreciate.

Rating – 80/100



  1. First Day (Intro)
  2. Wait Till The Time Is R.I.P.
  3. Binary
  4. Behind the Mirror of the Winters Fall
  5. Time Comes To An End
  6. Moonlight Snakes
  7. Without God
  8. Потерявшиеся в обломках прошлог
  9. Last Day (Outro) 


Line Up

  • Anastasia Sverkunova – Vocals (Session)
  • Pavel Razvodov– Vocals
  • Anton Vorozhtcov – Vocals (Session)
  • Evgeniy Chebotarenko – Vocals (Session)
  • Valentin Chernyak – Guitar
  • Valentin Falin – Guitar
  • Alina Vinokurova – Keyboards
  • Anna Vydrygan– Bass
  • Denis Badaev – Drums 
  • Konstantin Zmievsky – Drums (Session)




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