Silentium – “Amortean” (2008)


Label : Dynamic Arts Records

Review By Tony Cannella

The history of Finland’s Silentium dates all the way back to 1995. Their debut was released in 1999 and now ten years later the band are back with their fifth (I believe) full-length release titled “Amortean”. For a band to still be around after over ten years of activity is quite a feat and it is also quite surprising that the band have managed to fly under the radar for all these years. “Amortean” features 9-songs and 50-minutes worth of Silentium’s brand of high quality gothic/symphonic metal. “Leave the Fallen Behind” gets things off to a bombastic beginning, it is an up-tempo track that really gets things of to a flying start. The next track “The Messenger” is a great symphonic peace of work, that showcases the band’s “cinematic” style and adds to the ethereal beauty that Silentium possesses. Vocalist Riina Rinkinen really adds a lot to the band with her smooth and melodic vocal delivery. Probably my two favorite songs are two of the longer ones featured on “Amortean”, the almost 9-minute long “The Fallen Ones with You Tonight” and the almost 8-minute closer “La Fin du Monde” are two that really stand out. Some other memorable moments are: “A Knife in the Back”, “My Broken Angel” and “Embrace the Storm”. “Amortean” is a release that is a fine piece of work from this Finnish band. Hopefully this is the release that will finally garner Silentium the praise and respect that they deserve.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Leave the Fallen Behind
  2. The Messenger
  3. A Knife in the Back
  4. The Fallen Ones with You Tonight
  5. My Broken Angel
  6. The Cradle of Nameless
  7. Storm Sight Solicitude
  8. Embrace the Storm
  9. La Fin du Monde


Line Up

  • Riina Rinkinen – Vocals
  • Toni Lahtinen – Guitar
  • Juha Lehtioksa – Guitar
  • Sami Boman – Keyboards
  • Matti Aikio – Bass & Vocals
  • Jari Ojala – Drums



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