Sin7Sins – “Perversion LTD” (2010)


Label : Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

SIN7SINS are an industrial hard rock/metal band from The Netherlands. Their debut album, “Perversion LTD” Is out now via Massacre. What you get here is 10-songs and 38-minutes worth of music with a lot of attitude, aggressiveness and melody. Lead vocalist Lotus has got a voice that can be sweet one moment and aggressive the next. Her vocal style is a perfect reflection of the music that is being performed. The perfect example of this is the excellent third track “Rape & Take”. SIN7SINS also has some potential commercial appeal like on the track “Dead World”. Other highlights include: the adrenalized opener “Crossroad 666”, “7even Stitches”, the orchestral “Between Broken Dreams” and “Taste of Twilight”. “Perversion LTD” Is a satisfying debut from SIN7SINS. The songs are well written and strike the perfect balance between aggressiveness and melody.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Crossroad 666
  2. 7even Stitches
  3. Rape & Take
  4. Dead World
  5. Between Broken Dreams
  6. Portrait in Blood (Braindead)
  7. Insult #7
  8. Sexual Predator
  9. Eye Want All
  10. Taste of Twilight


Line Up

  • Lotus – Vocals
  • Gen Morphine – Guitar, Vocals
  • Tristan Hex – Guitar
  • JC Acid – Bass
  • Armada XTC – Drums



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