Sinergy – “Beware the Heavens” (1999)


Label : Metal Mind Production

Review By Tony Cannella

The band Sinergy were formed way back in 1998 by former and current members of some rather significant metal bands, such as: Children of Bodom, In Flames, Arch Enemy and Mercyful Fate to name a few. The band was/is a pure metal super-group. The band released three solid albums (does anyone know if Sinergy still exists?), including this one – their debut – titled “Beware The Heavens” released in 1999 and re-issued by the great Polish label Metal Mind. The pounding opener “Venomous Vixens” really kicks things into gear from the start. Children of Bodom guitarist Alexi Laiho‘s riffs drive this one and the clean vocals of Kimberly Goss are exceptional, this is definitely one of the highlights. “The Fourth World” is next and pretty much continues where the previous song left off. The melancholic intro track “Born Unto Fire and Passion” gives way to one of the albums center pieces, “The Warrior Princess” which is followed by the equally great “Beware The Heavens”. “Razor Blade Salvation” is next and one of my favorite songs that the band has ever recorded. It is just a great mournful ballad and Kimberly delivers her best most emotional vocal performance on the CD and the solo from Alexi Laiho is one of the highlights as well. From there the album fades a bit with the closing trio of “Swarmed”, “Pulsation” and “Virtual Future”. This CD features a demo version of “Beware The Heavens” as a bonus track. My one gripe with Sinergy has always been that ALL of their CDs are rather short (in the 35-40 minute range), so it’s cool that Metal Mind added some bonus stuff to the re-issues. Of the three CDs that Sinergy have released to date, this one is probably my least favorite, that is not to say that it is bad in any way. It was just a debut from a band who were finding their way and the songs on “Beware The Heavens” hinted at a world of potential that would definitely be realized on the following two releases. “Razor Blade Salvation” alone makes this one worth owning, and there are some other pretty cool tunes on here as well. Sinergy are/were a sadly underrated and under-appreciated melodic metal band, and now thanks to Metal Mind fans who may have missed them the first time around can see for themselves.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Venomous Vixens
  2. The Fourth World
  3. Born Unto Fire and Passion
  4. The Warrior Princess
  5. Beware the Heavens
  6. Razor Blade Salvation
  7. Swarmed
  8. Pulsation
  9. Virtual Future
  10. Beware The Heavens (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)


Line Up 

  • Kimberly Goss – Vocals
  • Alexi Laiho – Lead Guitar
  • Jesper Stromblad – Rhythm Guitar
  • Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
  • Ronny Milianowicz – Drums




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