Sinergy – “Suicide By My Side” (2002)


Label : Metal Mind Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

“Suicide By My Side” is title of the third (and final?) release from Sinergy, this re-issue was recently put out by Metal Mind Productions out of Poland. Of the three CDs that this Finnish band produced, it is this one that features their best material (in my humble opinion). Each Sinergy album was better than the last and that trend continued with “Suicide By My Side” which was originally released in 2002. The songs on “Suicide…” features some of hungriest, heaviest and angriest music that the band recorded – it was on this CD where it all came together.The great opener “I Spit On Your Grave” is one of the true highlights and it is an appropriate way to begin things. The trio of songs “The Sin Trade”, “Violated”, and “Me, Myself, My Enemy” are just so relentless and fierce with Kimberly Goss‘s biting lyrics. Kimberly really brings up the intensity with her singing and does some of her best work on this CD. My favorite track is the mid-tempo “Written In Stone”, it is slower than the previous ones, but still has it’s heavy moments. There really is not one bad song on this CD: “Nowhere For No One”, “The Suicide By My Side” and “Shadow Island” (featuring duel vocals with Kimberly and Alexi Laiho) are a testament to the strength of the material. As with the first two re-issues there are a number of bonus tracks included here. The first one is Sinergy‘s version of the Scorpions classic “Rock You Like A Hurricane” which is followed by a cover of the ABBA song “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”. These two songs had previously been released on tribute albums. The third and final bonus track was a surprise, it is their version of the great Pat Benatar song “Invincible” which came out originally in the mid 80’s, I believe. It was a real pleasure re-visiting this great CD and kudos to Metal Mind for the re-issues and hopefully exposing this band to a new audience. All three re-issues come with in a beautiful digi-pack with liner notes – Metal Mind put a lot of care into the packaging and that is to be commended – plus, the bonus tracks are cool as well. I have been hearing about a fourth Sinergy release for years, said to carry the title of “Sins Of The Past”. Let’s hope that it will see the light-of-day at some point in the future, but if “Suicide By My Side” is the bands swan song, than they went out at the top of their game.

Rating – 100/100



  1. I Spit On Your Grave
  2. The Sin Trade
  3. Violated
  4. Me, Myself, My Enemy
  5. Written in Stone
  6. Nowhere for No One
  7. Passage to the Fourth World
  8. Shadow Island
  9. Suicide By My Side
  10. Remembrance
  11. Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions Cover) (Bonus Track)
  12. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (ABBA Cover) (Bonus Track)
  13. Invincible (Pat Benatar Cover) (Bonus Track)


Line Up 

  • Kimberly Goss – Vocals
  • Alexi Laiho – Lead And Rhythm Guitars
  • Roope Latvala – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
  • Marco Hietala – Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Tommi Lillman – Drums




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