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Review By Tony Cannella

Italy’s Sinking Soul play an interesting mix of metal, progressive combined with unlikely influences such as baroque, jazz and fusion. It is a unique combination that all goes into the creation of their self-titled debut. You have to give a band like Sinking Soul credit for searching for influences in the most unlikely of places , this 7-track 27-minute opus is confirmation of this fact The opening track “Others’ Land” sets just the right tempo for the CD as the soaring vocals of Laura Marchionni join in. A good opener that also shows of the musical talents of each band member. The next track “Temptation” is on the heavier, more straight forward side of the musical spectrum, this song is also very melodic (as is the entire CD) and features a catchy, memorable melody and chorus. The next track “The Unknown” is a short (just over a minute) track that shows off the great vocal range of Laura Marchionni and serves as an interlude between the previous song and the next number, the great ballad “Returns & Flights” which is probably my favorite song that this CD has to offer. Just a great emotionally charged track that is definitely ready for mass appeal. The CD is concluded by a trio of equally strong tunes: “Sinking Soul 1431”, “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes” (a cover of the song originally recorded by 70’s/80’s new wave band Ultravox) and the closing track “Into Your Arms”. Musically, Sinking Soul offer a little something for everybody. While the band is considered a progressive band, they offer so much more than just long musical pieces that is so often associated with progressive rock and metal, it is cool when a young band is able to transcend genres and with their debut Sinking Soul manage to do just that. A good first effort for this up-and-coming band from Italy.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Other’s Land
  2. Temptation
  3. The Unknown
  4. Returns & Flights
  5. Sinking Soul 1431
  6. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
  7. Into Your Arms


Line Up 

  • Laura Marchionni – Vocals
  • Luca Riccetti – Guitar
  • Giuliano Vangelista – Keyboards



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