Six Magics – “Behind the Sorrow” (2010)


Label : Coroner Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Six Magics are a powerhouse outfit from Chile. They play good, traditional power metal, a style that can be heard on their fourth – and latest – release “Behind the Sorrow”. The band is fronted by Elyzabeth Vasquez who really adds her own power and talent to the mix. The 10-songs and 48-minutes worth of music contained on “Behind the Sorrow” is an impressive mix of traditional power metal, progressive metal combined with heavy thrash metal like riffs and great melodic songs.The band certainly delivers a wide range of variety on their pallet throughout “Behind the Sorrow”. A fact evidenced in the songs: “Run”, “Animal”, “Behind the Sorrow”, “Hands of Time” and the mid-tempo “It’s Not the Way”, before the band brings back the heaviness for the final track “I Remember”. The band also worked with well known producer David Prater on “Behind the Sorrow”, he had previously worked with progressive metal legends Dream Theater on their “Images & Words” and “Change of Seasons” releases, and he adds his touch to the music on this CD. “Behind the Sorrow” is an exciting piece of work by Six Magics. There really are not too many female fronted metal bands doing this sort of thing these days, so in a sense “Behind the Sorrow” is a refreshing change of pace.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Run 
  2. Animal 
  3. Behind the Sorrow 
  4. Lies and Rules 
  5. Hands of Time
  6. All My Dreams
  7. They 
  8. No Time to Grieve 
  9. It’s Not the Way 
  10. I Remember


Line Up

  • Elyzabeth Vasquez – Vocals 
  • Erick Avila – Guitar 
  • Gabriel Hidalgo – Guitar 
  • Mauricio Nader – Bass 
  • Pablo Stagnaro – Drums



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