Solisia – “Ordinary Fate” (2010)


Label : Undeground Symphony

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Solisia originally formed in 2006, and after releasing a demo in 2007, signed with Underground Symphony. It is through that label that they have released their full-length debut, “Ordinary Fate”. For this released the band are fronted by the very talented singer Marilena Stigliano. The music that can be heard on “Ordinary Fate” is extremely classy and intricate symphonic/progressive metal. First off, the songs on “Ordinary Fate” possess a great deal of melodicism and musical complexity that helps to make Solisia a band that can appeal to many different metal fans. The short, “Intro” segues into the opener of, “Ordinary Fate” and immediately Solisia gives the listener an idea of what they’re about. “Lightning of Reality”, “Life Diamond” and “Fictions” offer the listener no reprieve. “Vortex of Indifference” would probably be my favorite track on “Ordinary Fate”, thanks to it’s great chorus, the pounding rhythms and great guitar work provided by Gianluca Quinto, but then again he is pretty consistent throughout the CD as the heavy riffing continues on the next track, “Inner Will” – which also features a big orchestral vibe to it. When the final track, “Unrevealed Words” finishes playing, it doesn’t get boring or old to give, “Ordinary Fate” another listen. The worth and staying power of a certain band can always be determined by the strength and depth of the material, and if that is the case, than Solisia are a band that should be with us for a long time, as long as they continue to create great music such as what is heard on “Ordinary Fate”. Since “Ordinary Fate” was released back in January of this year, Solisia have parted ways with vocalist Marilena Stigliano and replaced her with Medea. It is always risky when a band changes vocalists, and it remains to be seen if the band can keep up this level of quality on future recordings, but with “Ordinary Fate”, Solisia have delivered a solid debut that should resonate with fans of the Symphonic metal genre.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Intro
  2. Ordinary Fate
  3. Lightning of Reality
  4. Life Diamond
  5. Fictions
  6. I’ll Take You With Me
  7. Overlude
  8. Vortex of Indifference
  9. Inner Will
  10. Unrevealed Words


Line Up

  • Marilena Stigliano – Vocals
  • Gianluca Quinto – Guitars
  • Wilson Di Geso – Keyboards
  • Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
  • Marcantonio Quinto – Drums



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