Solsikk – “Volatile Territory” EP (2009)


Label : Klotho Records

Review By Tony Cannella

I first became familiar with the UK.’s Solsikk via their 2007 EP that I reviewed here. That CD really left quite an impression on me, with it’s aggressive yet melodic rhythms and the bands energy which is off-the-chart. Now the band have returned with a new EP titled “Volatile Territory”. It’s all right there in the title. This CD is quite volatile and aggressive, while still maintaining the bands melodic sensibilities. The band is fronted by Vykki Turner on vocals. The rest of the line-up looks like this: Chris Webb (Guitars), Mark Mulcaster (Bass) and Matt C (Drums).The first track “Razored Cell” is a solid opener. The song comes crashing through the speakers with a riff that is about as subtle as a freight train and also about as heavy. The vocals of Vykki Turner sound great and they are multi-layered in parts. She really can sing and she is not confined to just one style. Her talent really shines through on this one. The next track “Volatile Territory” really steps things up a notch. One of the coolest things about this band (aside from the fact that Solsikk are just plain cool) is their ability to be angry and aggressive sounding, while still managing to throw in some great melodies. That trait is on full display on the title track. “Your Blistering Tongue” also appeared on the aforementioned 2007 EP. This song is just balls out aggression and another favorite of mine. The final song “Cut a Little Deeper” came as a huge surprise. It is just an emotionally, heartfelt ballad and it is quite different from the previous three songs. Of the four tracks this is probably my favorite and one that I found myself hitting the replay button numerous times. Vykki Turner‘s vocals are just so awesome on this one and rest of the band turn in outstanding performances as well on this track. Just check out the guitar solo by Chris Webb and you’ll see what I mean. A strong way to wrap things up. My only criticism of “Volatile Territory” is that it is too short. But there is no denying that the 4-songs and 16-minutes worth of music on this CD is just plain massive.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Razord Cell
  2. Volatile Territory
  3. Your Blistering Tongue
  4. Cut a Little Deeper

Line Up

  • Vykki Turner – Vocals
  • Chris Webb – Guitars
  • Mark Mulcaster – Bass 
  • Matt C. – Drums  



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