Soulmaker – “Discordances” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, Soulmaker play technical heavy metal with some elements of Thrash metal mixed in. Their debut full-length is titled “Discordances” and the band really shows off their heavy riffs and melodic songs throughout the course of this 12-song 49-minute album. On “Discordances”, Soulmaker offer up plenty of crunchy riffs and melodic songs. Many of the lyrics are sung in the bands native French language and the band provides plenty of aggression and intensity to go along with the melody. “Married to a Ghost” is a strong opener that draws you in from the very outset. From there, “A Vide” and “Sing” keep things chugging ahead at full speed. “Requiem for a Creep” is another highlight with some of the riffs reminding me a bit of early Iron Maiden. Also impressive are the multi faceted vocals of Marina Viotti. She has the ability to go from a clean singing style to aggressive often times in the same song. There is simply no coming up for air until the final song, “I Remember” which is a beautiful, haunting ballad. On “Discordances”, Soulmaker creates an enjoyable metal experience that leaves quite an impression on the listener.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Married to a Ghost
  2. A Vide
  3. Sing
  4. Requiem for a Creep
  5. Les Mouches
  6. In Nobody’s Heart
  7. Maux D’Adieu
  8. Inch Allah
  9. Rise to Fall
  10. A L’Encre de Ton Sang
  11. Tu Ne Fais Rien
  12. I Remember


Line Up

  • Marina Viotti – Vocals
  • Salva – Guitars
  • Sébastien Tchoryk – Guitars
  • Samuel Salvador – Bass
  • Nicolas Colotte – Drums



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