Sphinx – “Prizak/Ghost” (2008)


Label : Fono LTD

Review by Tony Cannella

More and more in recent years, Russia has produced many fine metal bands – and they just keep coming. One of the better ones to emerge of late is the Symphonic Power Metal band entity known as Sphinx. The band has recently issued their excellent EP “White Moon”. Now we go back a few years to their second full-length, “Prizrak” (translated into English, means “Ghost”) which came out in 2008. It is easy to see that in 2008, Sphinx had the foundation set for something pretty special. The songs on “Prizrak” are sung in Russian and the material is a cut above your average Symphonic Metal. Sphinx untilizes the duel female vocals of Natalia and Elena, with bassist Andrey supplying male leads. The music has big orchestral arrangements to them and throughout the course of the 38-minutes it is easy to just sit back, close your eyes and float away with the beauty of the music.  

Rating – 85/100



  1. Strannik
  2. Dolina Grez
  3. Okean
  4. Uragan
  5. Sud’ba
  6. Na Krylyah Vetra. Chast’ 1 – Den’
  7. Na Krylyah Vetra. Chast’ 2 – Noch’
  8. Vse v Proshlom
  9. Prizrak


Line Up

  • Natalya Telykh – Vocals
  • Elena Eskina – Vocals
  • Anton “Lie” Chetvergov – Guitars
  • Andrey “Chronos” Potapov – Guitar, Lyrics & Orchestral Arrangements
  • Andrey “Andersen” Varenik – Bass, Vocals & Orchstral Arrangements 
  • Vyacheslav Kozlov – Drums  



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