Stealing the Bride – “Roommates” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tayla Dickinson

Stealing the Bride are an alternative rock band from Germany. They have only recently released their debut album “Roommates” this year. “The Desert Inside” is a wonderful up tempo song. Patricia‘s vocal hits me, in the letter the band sent they told me to expect different and different is what this is. The vocal is sweet and flows well to the music. The guitars slow down for the chorus and speed up in between the chorus and verse. The sound is very “rock” on this track. “Agravic Grooves” is a very catchy song. I currently find this song playing in my head again and again. The chorus is has a very pop-like sound to it, whereas the rest of the sound is of a soft-rock. The vocal here is fitting for the music soft and sweet with a few short high notes.The next track “Going to Extremes” is as catchy as the last. The short high notes are more frequent in Patricia’s voice on this song, as well as this there is the softer vocal present too. The sounder has a more rock feeling to it than the previous track. Now for “Cry Wolf”. The track is slower than the previous but has a similar sound. The only real let down on this track is a few odd lyrics. I understand them perfectly but sometimes I wanted to giggle. I am sorry for this disrespect. “La Mala Vida” a song I just want to sing along to. The song is mostly in English with few Spanish lyrics. I must say the use of Spanish adds more spice into the mix on the track with the fast tempo the speeds up as the verse goes along. The vocal is great and the Spanish lyric is performed perfectly! “Invaders” is a song which is even more different. It has few electronics in it to accompany the chorus. I love the guitars especially on this track as the make a toned “shrieking” sound, I don’t really know how to describe this one. Now for the next track “November Heat”. This song is very mellow and the vocal is softer than some songs. This song has an alternate sound to it. “Contagious” is a mellow and relaxing sound with a steady mid tempo beat. The vocal is slightly deeper than most tracks and is backed up by whispers. The next track “Train Song” has a pulsing beat to it. It has some “funky jazz like” sounds throughout. The vocals has a subtle echo to it. “Roommates” is the album’s title track. A good track to end a great album! The vocal is soft and sweet again and the music is mellow and mid-tempo. Overall I really like this album and would love to thank the band for contacting me. The album was great apart from a few odd lyrics here and there.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Desert Inside
  2. Agravic Grooves
  3. Going to Extremes
  4. Cry Wolf
  5. La Mala Vida
  6. Invaders
  7. November Heat
  8. Contagious
  9. Train Song
  10. Roommates


Line Up 

  • Patricia – Vocals
  • Uli – Guitar
  • Alex – Bass
  • Robert – Drums



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