Straight Line Stitch – “The Fight of Our Lives” (2011)


Label : eOne

Review by Tony Cannella

From Knoxville, Tennessee come the metal core outfit Straight Line Stitch. The band was originally formed around 1999, and has previously released three full-length albums as well as a bunch of EPs. The fourth – and newest –output from Straight Line Stitch is called “The Fight of Our Lives” and that is a very appropriate title “The Fight of Our Lives” is just all out fist pumping, headbanging, adrenalin fueled aggression. From the beginning of the chaotic, beautifully brutal opening tune “Tear Down the Sky”, Straight Line Stitch delivers 42-minutes worth of an all out metal assault. “Conversion” offers the listener no reprieve as the band continues with another heavy track. Alexis Brown is the very talented singer as she alternates between a screaming, extreme style and a cleaner vocal style. The band also injects some melody to go along with the mayhem presented here. “Laughing in the Rearview” is a highlight and while it still maintains the heaviness of the other material, there is something catchy and more accessible about this track – this chorus is just so damn infectious. “Cold Front” slows the tempo down a notch or two, but still delivers a crunchy riff and Alexis uses her clean vocal style for the majority of this song. Other highlights included here: “No Tomorrow”, “Bar Room Brawl” and “Ashes in the Wind”. “The Fight of Our Lives” is definitely an album you want to play after a hard day at work or you just want to release some pent up aggression and then Straight Line Stitch may be the band for you. This is definitely recommended for fans of In This Moment (who SLS is on tour with) and The Agonist.

Rating – 77/100



  1. Tear Down the Sky
  2. Conversion
  3. Laughing in the Rearview
  4. Cold Front
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Bar Room Brawl
  7. One Reason
  8. Never Surrender
  9. Living Dead
  10. Sound of Silence
  11. Ashes in the Wind


Line Up

  • Alexis Brown – Vocals
  • Seth Thacker – Guitars
  • Kris Norris – Guitar
  • Jason White – Bass
  • Kanky Lora – Drums



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