System Divide – “The Collapse” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in 2008, System Divide are a band that play a complex mix of melodic death metal, thrash and heavy metal. The band is comprised of Miri Milman (female vocals), Sven De Caluwe (male vocals), Cole Martinez (guitars/sounds), Andrew Lenthe (bass) and Mike Heller (drums). They have just release their debut 4-song EP titled “The Collapse”. The band recorded this CD in Denmark and obviously put a lot of effort into the songs and it shows in the quality of this recording. Track one really gets things off to a frenzied, energetic start. “Purity in Imperfection” is just a thrashy, aggressive track that showcases the duel vocals of male singer Sven De Caluwe and female singer Miri Milman. The vocal styles are a tale of two extremes with Sven‘s being of the more brutal variety and Miri‘s adding a more feminine quality. This song is an impressive beginning, not only with the vocals but the the overall musicianship is quite good as well, just check out the virtuosic guitar solo by Cole Martinez. Great stuff! The next track “The Apex Doctrine” really ratchets up the aggression. This is just a song that really gets the blood pumping, but again there are some cool changes within that song, that really takes the listener by surprise. Although the band may be based in the death/thrash metal genre the songs have a certain undeniable melodic quality that shows you that this band can appeal to the masses. Next is “Sealed Shut” and the duel vocals are once again brought to the forefront. This is probably my favorite track and one that is deserving of repeated listens. Just a strong, quality track. The final song of this 4-track release is “(n)Ether” and it does nothing to dampen the overall enjoyment of this disc. It comes on like a ton of bricks and thus concludes the CD, not with a whimper but with a bang. The music contained on “The Collapse” is very aggressive and quite listenable and enjoyable. The band has found the perfect balance between aggression and melody. The song writing and level of musicianship is very high and I am sure that it is only a matter of time before System Divide carves their own niche in the realm of heavy music.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Purity In Imperfection
  2. The Apex Doctrine
  3. Sealed Shut
  4. (n)Ether


Line Up

  • Miri Milman – Female Vocals
  • Sven De Caluwe – Vocals
  • Cole Martinez – Guitar
  • Andrew Lenthe – Bass 
  • Mike Heller – Drums 



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