Teardown – “Cyanotic” DEMO (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Finland, Teardown play what can be considered good symphonic power metal, a style they proudly display on their newest demo “Cyanotic”. The band is fronted by the diversified vocal style of Katja.  The dramatic opening number “All Should Be Gone” kick starts the 3-song, 15-minute “Cyanotic” and is a good enough opener and one of the strongest tracks that this CD has to offer. The more up-tempo style of “Prisoner” is next and it has a faster pace than the previous track, with a killer melody running throughout the course of the 4-minute duration of this track. The laid back, moody, ethereal track “Solitude” brings “Cyanotic” to a conclusion with Katja demonstrating how much depth and character she possesses in her voice. The thing I really liked about this CD is the diversity the band show in the 3-songs that are presented and the professionalism and strength of the material. This is actually the third demo release from Teardown and I would say that “Cyanotic” has the potential to get Teardown signed. I hope so anyway.

Rating – 85/100



  1. All Should Be Gone
  2. Prisoner
  3. Solitude


Line Up

  • Katja Pieksämäki – Vocals
  • Sami Ahmaoja –Guitars
  • Kaltsu Keltamäki – Guitar
  • Pipsa Niemi – Keyboards
  • Mika Laine – Bass 
  • Remi Repola – Drums  



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