TeodasiA – “Upwards” (2012)


Label : Red Pony Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy (where else?), comes the symphonic metal band TeodasiA. The band is fronted by vocalist Priscilla Fiazza and has just issued their debut album titled “Upwards”. “Upwards” begins with the 3-minute intro/instrumental “Intro-Spection” and then segues into “Temptress” which proves to be a powerful opening number. The next song “Revelations” immediately became a favorite of mine, thanks to the stellar instrumentation and Priscilla’s soaring vocals. That is followed by the monumental song “Lost Words of Forgiveness”. This song sees Priscilla sharing vocals with Rhapsody of Fire front man Fabio Leone – the song has a huge epic vibe to it, and the two vocalists show great chemistry together. This is another highlight. I really like the way TeodasiA uses the symphonic, orchestral elements throughout the album. Nothing is overdone and they don’t rely on the orchestral side of things too much. Everything ties right in with the songs and it complements the music perfectly. Moving on, the ballad “Close Call” brings the tempo down a bit and is a good change of pace from the previous material, but in my opinion it is one of the weaker songs. Other highlights include: “Aurora”, “Eulogy” and the fabulous closing number “My Minotaur”. With “Upwards”, TeodasiA offers the listener a perfect combination of sophisticated, dramatic metal with a lot of melody while still being moody and emotional as well. For a debut, “Upwards” is a great first step. For fans of the symphonic metal genre – and even if you just love good metal – there is a lot to like about TeodasiA.

Rating – 93/100



  1. Intro-Spection
  2. Temptress
  3. Revelations
  4. Lost Words of Forgiveness
  5. Close Call
  6. Inside
  7. A Powerful Life
  8. Hollow Earth
  9. Aurora
  10. Pandora’s Knight
  11. Eulogy
  12. My Minotaur


Line Up

  • Priscilla Fiazza – Vocals
  • Fabio Campagno – Guitars
  • Michele Munari – Keyboards
  • Nicola Falsone – Bass
  • Francesco Gozzo – Drums



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