The Devil’s Blood – “The Thousandfold Epicentre” (2011)


Label : Van Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

Second full-length for this Dutch psychedelic rock band. All the lovers of this classic sound have loved their debut “The Time of No Time Evermore” and are likely to worship this new piece of art born of dark and evil territories. “Unending Singularity”, the intro, sets the whole creepy, majestic mood and the following “On the Wings of Gloria” shows us how the combo has reached a new level in their songwriting. Farida‘s vocals seem even stronger than before and the heavy, energetic riffs are enriched with some nice keyboards. The third track is in the same vein of the previous one, while “Within The Charnel House of Love” is quite epic with a beautiful rythm session and a melodic guitar work. The vocals here are quite expressive and catchy. “Cruel Lover” starts fast as the other ones with drums and bass that give the pace of the whole composition, and towards the half becomes quite mesmerizing, psychedelic indeed as the genre would require. “She” is a quite straightforward, simple song but has got a good live potential since the chorus is very catchy and easy to remember. Towards the last minute it becomes more measured and the symphonic outro is quite a glad surprise. Here we are at the title track: the beginning is calm, but it acquires a hard-rock-progressive feeling as it rolls down; easily one of the highlight of the album. “Fire Burning” is quite memorable; just listen the guitar riffing and the epic guitar solo! The feeling is eerie in the beginning and becomes heavier a bit after. Just a great example of occult rock. “Everlasting Saturnalia” is focused on Farida‘s vocals and creates a doomed, dark environment with its guitars tuned down and the hypnotic keyboards. It could be the “ballad” of the album and makes as a intro for “The Madness of Serpents”. Eight minutes of pure occult rock, epic vocals, solid riffs and an instrumental break that will leave you wandering in another dimension. The closing track “Feverdance” is a monumental 15 minutes track. Five minutes are devoted to acoustic guitar and Farida‘s vocals only, creating an emotional state that will entrance you. Then a long instrumental bridge will follow that becomes louder and louder til the final explosion. The overall production is very good, nothing to complain about really! An album that will become a must for the lovers of the genre!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Unending Singularity
  2. On the Wings of Gloria
  3. Die the Death
  4. Within the Charnel House of Love
  5. Cruel Lover
  6. She
  7. The Thousandfold Epicentre
  8. Fire Burning
  9. Everlasting Saturnalia
  10. The Madness of Serpents


Line Up

  • F – Vocals
  • SL – Guitars



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